Un-Shaming as Essential to Recovery from Addiction (consumers)

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Un-Shaming as Essential to Recovery from Addiction (consumers)

September 30, 2019 @ 8:30 am - 11:30 pm

Description: Dr. Weathers will share his clinical experience and research on navigating recovery from addiction without shame, while tying in the nuanced physiological changes that occur in the brain during addiction through early recovery. This workshop will be a combination of highly interactive lecture/dialogue, in-class exercises, and responsive question-and-answer invitations, interspersed with periodic breaks for the body and mind. The approach throughout will be holistic in its honoring of body/mind/spirit as essential to all of human health and healing, including in addiction recovery.

At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
– Identify the most powerful triggers for relapse to addictive behaviors
– Describe key brain mechanisms underlying relapse
– Define two key components of shame
– Compare and contrast toxic shame and rightful guilt
– Describe how to use the above information in assisting those who are in recovery and/or struggling with addictive behaviors

About Dr. Weathers: A highly regarded educator, author, public speaker, and recovery coach, Dr. Bob Weathers holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, with an M.A. in religious studies. Over the course of his professional career, “Dr. Bob” has provided tens of thousands of hours of therapeutic counseling and recovery coaching to satisfied clients. He has also committed nearly four decades to teaching, training, and inspiring graduate-level mental health providers at several southern California universities, including helping to develop their nationally accredited addiction studies certificate and mindfulness-based clinical training coursework. Additionally, Dr. Bob has published numerous articles in a broad cross-section of respected professional reference books, journals, and edited volumes.

Dr. Bob’s current work focuses on addiction recovery, whether coaching (online and in-person), training healthcare providers in addiction treatment, and in-demand public speaking across the country. Throughout, he applies the principles of Integral Recovery (a holistic body/mind/spirit approach) to healing from shame and stigma on the way to sustained, successful addiction recovery. For fun, he loves to perform locally, as an avid, lifelong drummer, in his own highly praised jazz ensemble.

Areas of research interest for Dr. Weathers include:

1) Addiction and recovery – theory and interventions
2) Shame and stigma – theory and interventions
3) Integral/holistic theories of psychology and spirituality (Ken Wilber and others)
4) Interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory
5) Psychology of creativity